Telephone Poles

Those towers majestic
Stretching their p a r a ll e l
Fine lines unwinding
Now they’re Hydro Poles
With wire folds and they’re
Connecting faster than sound
Traveling towards you a thousand miles away
Controlling and rejecting
And defecting and ejecting waves into the air

And they’re

It’s been so long and I don’t care who’s wrong
My mind wandered to you lately and why don’t you come pay me a visit,
Since it’s fate that we met
Don’t give reasons to appease me, the teaser
I’m fine, but the visit is too costly for me
And your picture, it’s doing a toll on me

Why do we converse on hanging strings?
You leave me on the rims of defeat
Oh look, the sun’s rising on the east…
And the stars die here
I wish you were here
Wish you were here
Wish you were here
Not I, there

[Please hang up and try again…]


2 Responses to “Telephone Poles”

  1. Oh I like this!

  2. As your editor, I’d like to share the pride.
    *steals some pride*

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