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Movies are meant to be watched in the dark
because the time is now
where my finger-fish swim with yours
swim around your waist; we’re tighter than Spandex on skin.

It’s just you and I in intuition, not quitting
and the silence rages on
I can’t hear the flick
When our hearts are thumping two feet apart.

If I’m still here
(If you’re still here)
when the lights come back on
let me photosynthesize the sunlight of your smiles into song.


Comtemplation of Regeneration in “Heroes”.

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Let’s consider the last episode of Heroes and Adam Monroe, the horrible mastermind who can regenerate from almost any wound. Of course, it is obviously implied that a devastating blow to the brain would stop the regeneration from death, basically, and this also connotes that the special and superhuman abilities originate from the brain. This is supported by the fact Sylar, a.k.a. Gabriel Gray, “eats” the brains of his victim to gain additional powers for himself.

I dislike the end of Adam, however, as he is seen to be trapped helplessly in a casket and buried for all eternity. Of course, I would think that logically, death would be imminent due to suffocation or starvation. Unless, of course, these ‘Regenerators’ are some kind of perpetual machine, able to create oxygen for themselves, or somehow become autotrophs.

Let’s face it, the oxygen’s gonna run out. Take that Tom Kring.

That’s disappointment on his face.

A River Runs Through It..

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A river runs through it

Streams intersect it

Oceans cover it and

Seas flood around it

And many, many times I have tried
to cross this riddle

On a makeshift raft
Tossed and turned by the waves

Yet getting nowhere near
the banks, beaches
of wit and understanding
and of lost oars.

Pick-Up Lines (IN THE NAME OF ‘Science’)

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By Shuk Yan


Are you a fossil? Because I’d like to date you.

Baby, you’re so gneiss, I’ll never take you for granite.

Are you a mummy? ‘Cause I’m under wraps over you!

Every time you walk into the room, it’s your fault my heart shakes!

You’re firm and adamant sometimes, but always marble-lous!

If I was boulder, I’d ask you out dunite.

Even if you looked like dirt, I’d really dig you.

– – –


I’ll treet you well, ’cause I’m for arboreal.

You must be a botanist, ’cause I’m lichen you.

You’re like a forest of potatoes; I get lost in your eyes.

Do you photosynthesize? ‘Cause I can’t leaf you alone tonight.

Be vine, ’cause ivy-ly like you!

Ivy-ly love you; can weed be together?

Are you a textile worker? ‘Cause I’m cotton your gauze.

– – –


You must be atomic; you’re radiant in your element.

– – –


I need to check with my dentist to see if you’re too sweet.

Is your sign Cancer? ‘Cause you’re growing in my heart!

Are you a brain tumor? ‘Cause you’re always in my mind.

Gah! I think I’m going blind, ’cause I can’t see me without you!

Are you a cataract? I can’t get past your eyes.

– – –


I’m your biggest fan; if you chill with me, I’ll blow you away!

I’m married to an engineer, but I promise to lever if you want me to.

Do you like centripetal forces? ‘Cause you’re making my world go round!

I want to see you so often, it hertz.

Stream of Conch 2

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As the sun sets
We step to the beat of the hues
; every hint of pink and orange are
On our lips
Every lavender and violet that sinks to the depths
Of the West pass through the lens of our eyes
Because we know cameras can’t capture the
Birth of our world
And as the creation of the night sky
Manifests itself again tonight
We hold hands.



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You never let go
never let go
never let go
never let go

So hold me.
Wrap me tight.


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  • Every time the floorboards creak,
    Every squeak reminds me of yesterday
    When you were here
    And actually left footprints.